Hope and Ethics in Greece

greece-from-satelliteOriginally published at LinkedIn 28.2.2015

I was born and have lived all my life in Greece; therefore I am authorized by existing laws to be called Greek. A few days ago, Greeks voted for a new government. Before, during and after the process, hundreds of articles and comments have been written all over the world about the matter.

I declare myself “fed up” with the narrow minded, speculative and utter purpose character of some of them.
Greece, as much as other countries -as it is well known- has been victim of certain groups’ speculation. These “castes” are not something mystic or under-covered, but the notorious although ignorantly respected by some, group of worshipers of profit and wealth even at the cost of humans lives.

Having been disappointed myself for some time by the appearing as indifferent posture of Greeks, I am glad to write here that, sooner or later, people of this country, oust their apathy and/or defeatism, take successful decisions and make promising gestures.
The most recent of them has been the election of a really new in ideology as well as in purposes government and, furthermore, a fresh political and socio-economic situation in Greece.

So, all of the so-called experts from all over the world are required to “wait and see”. Unbelievable as it may seem to them, (even to me a few weeks before), it is proved that there will always be people who are open minded, brave, bold and, above all, Humans -here, in this country as well as everywhere in the world.

Depending on your ethics, you may (and you will) be happy by the success of a small country or you will speculate for profit by the failure, like a great number of unethical persons use to do.


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