Atlantis or The place I didn’t go

   picture by:NASA

   This post is written exceptionally in english and is dedicated to all these people who, like me, admire and dream of the space and the guys who work to reach it. It is understood that as english is not my mother tongue, my vocabulary will not be as rich, correct and descriptive as of many posts I read.
   Well, I’m one of the tweeters who registered for being near the launch of Atlantis.
The truth is, that until last month I didn’t even know that there were this kind of opportunities.
Lately I have a lot of free time-although not a lot of money-and I returned, through the web, to loves of my childhood that have survived the test of time.
I created this blog, site, whatever, to practice one of them, which is writing, communicating and expressing myself-simultaneously.
   While touring and experimenting around internet, I decided to become a member of Twitter, although I haven’t -yet- specified its utility. I followed NASA whose site had already found and have been watching.
I expect that the “connoisseurs” guess the rest.

   It’s time to say that I have never travelled to USA, my passport had expired long time ago, since my last journey abroad within Europe, I don’t normally drive although I have a driver’s licence and I skip summer holidays as I don’t want to burden the budget just for fun.
   This same person, me, registered for the NASA Tweetup.
waiting and hoping, I searched for flights to all possible cities near KSC, available hotel rooms and…car rentals!
I was planning that as soon as I’d have the admission (i.e.the notification for my selection) I would make ticket and hotel reservations, arrange for a car rental and of course have necessary driving lessons to refresh my abilities and feel safe.

Last thing I remember is that on the way to my pc (to check my inbox), Friday night during commercials on tv, I was thinking that I’d better buy a camera as I didn’t expect that my friends would feel comfortable with lending me one.
Then, I was informed that I was not selected…
   I tried to feel and see the positive side of it. Ok!easy to say. I found it difficult to return to the previous state of mind and life, when I didn’t have to think, expect, organize, imagine, hope and smile for the great opportunity.
   It was not until the next day that I decided to turn on my computer and to search for these selected persons who will be there on 8 July. This way I found that selected or not, there are a lot of space admirers, space programs’ fans and lots of persons who are happy to share their experiences and their thoughts about it.
   Instead of a lonely planet, I felt oh! so encouraged to keep up with my loves and interests. Waiting turned out an experience by itself, these blessed and hard-working persons that reach space seem tangible and a dream of my life is now likely to come true; next time.
   In my country we use to say “drink to my health” which means that when we are happy, we remember and wish for those who are not near.
Will you please, lucky people?  


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